george jones

Dear good friend,

How are you together with your family members?, i think all is well. Despite  the fact that i did not know you in person or  have i seen you before but due to the reliable revelation,i decided to share this lucrative opportunity with you, i have no other choice, so  kindly consider this message as vital, believing that sooner or later we will be multi millonaires,

First and formost, i have to introduce myself to you. I am  mr george jones, the manager audit and account department of our bank, african development bank (a.d..b) ouagadougou burkina faso,

I want you to assist me in other to transfer the sum of nineteen million, three hundred thousand united states dollars ($19,300,000.00 u.s dollars) into your reliable account as the next of kin to our foreign business partner , the original owner of the fund. He was a foreigner and a multi company holder who died in a plane crash with his family years ago, he deposited the fund in our bank for his business expansion in africa unfortunately he met this sudden and untimely death and the worst  thing that happened was the wife who suppose to be the  successor of the account died alongside with him.

Since the deceased left no body behind to  claim the fund, as a foreigner, you are in better position for that, and no body will come for the claim after you have applied.
If you are ready to assist me, set up a new bank account or forward to me any one avialable so that the process will commence .

I will guide you on how you should apply for the claim so that everything will be smooth and correct. After the transfer, i will resign and come over to your country for the sharing of the fund 50/50 base on the fact that it is two man business.

Finally, note that you are not taking any risk because there will be a legal back up as  we commence.

If you are interested to assist me this transaction you are to go ahead and reply this mail immediately with your information as i stated it bellow so that i will let you know the next step to follow immediately in order to finalize this transaction in a period of time.
(1)your full name…………….
(2)your address………………
(3)your phone numbers………
(4)fax numbers……………….
(5)your occupation…………….
(6)your age …………………
(7)your marital status…………
(8)your nationality……………
(9)your photograph…………….

Once i receive your information i will then give you more details information you will use to apply to the bank on how to transfer the fund into you bank account.
I am expecting your reply soonest so that we can proceed
yours sincerely,
Mr george jones

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